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Each section on this website contains articles and sub-sections to help you discover solutions that fit your interests. Drill down...and learn how to save money, improve quality, and enjoy the beauty and function of a sustainable home and workplace.

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Energy Efficiency Incentives

Energy efficiency incentives help building owners reduce installation costs and the owner/tenants reduce energy use for the life of the upfits. We help you identify effective products, services and methods to maximize incentive value.

Air Filtration & Ventilation

Indoor air quality requires Air Filtration & Ventilation systems that balance tight building envelopes with air flow. Energy and filtration efficiency save money over the life of the equipment, and is a cost-efficient solution over years!

Remodeling for Air Quality

Remodeling for Air Quality can improve health, energy savings, quality of life and productivity. Remodeling green schools, green offices and green homes starts with air quality improvement. Learn how.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is renewable energy generated (or conserved) such as solar, wind and geothermal. Renewable power generation is an alternative to fossil fuel based power generation to reduce climate impact, national security issues and cost.

Alternative Energy Credits

Alternative energy credits are measured and used to meet regulatory compliance and/or tax credits. We connect you with alternative energy solutions.

Appliances and Equipment

Appliances and equipment are common remodeling upfits and these new purchases can save you energy, water, and landscaping costs if you go green with high efficiency equipment with Energy Star, WaterSense or other certification to provide highly effective and high efficiency solutions.

ASID - Interior Designers

Interior designers provide many good and services that can improve indoor air quality, save energy, reduce water consumption and ensure indoor comfort and value.

ASTM International

ASTM International develops international standards for materials, products, systems and services used in construction, manufacturing and transportation.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can save energy, water and health with Energy Star appliances, high efficiency lighting, good air ventilation to prevent moisture that fosters mold and mildew. Learn greener, cleaner solutions for bathroom remodeling from design through construction and use.

Bedroom Remodeling

Bedroom remodeling starts with no-VOC paint and floor coverings, and benefits from automated home systems such as lighting and temperature controllers, bathroom access and closet organization. Remodeling a bedroom is more complicated than it appears, and you can improve your quality of life with green remodeling solutions.

Brownfields Cleanup

Brownfield and Super Fund polluted land sites are managed by the EPA to redevelop after removing or managing pollution sources. Mining, industrial and even retail sites accumulated pollutants that remain for decades. Brownfield applications and techniques are being developed to remove these toxins.

Building Materials

Building materials for remodeling can be greener - non-toxic, no- or low-VOC, less off gasing, more energy efficient and certified as renewable or recycled for more sustainable communities and resources.

Building Products for Remodeling

Building Products for Remodeling are being reengineered and innovative solutions can reduce energy use, conserve water and last longer. Look for sustainable, non-toxic building products for your remodeling projects.

Building Techniques

Building techniques provide energy efficient and water conservation solutions. Look for certified materials, tested systems, and how buildings can become net-zero in energy use water use and with no pollution emissions.

Build It Green

Build It Green provides green design and construction methods to improve energy efficiency and green building benefits.

California Energy Efficiency Programs

California challenges include weather related climate change including droughts, floods, water shortages, agricultural diseases and insect invasions...and energy use challenges. We bring you solutions being implemented in California for greener communities and greener businesses... so our families can live healthier more affordable lives.

Programs for Remodeling Certifications

Programs for Remodeling Certifications includes a system for standards and methods, marketplace identification of suppliers, and job and career structures to prepare a green workforce.

California High Performance Schools - CHPS - K-12 schools

California schools are being retrofit for energy efficiency, indoor air quality and renewable energy standards to help meet AB32 compliance requirements.

Commercial Building Remodeling

Commercial building remodeling for energy and water efficiency can save utility costs, reduce strain on local utility infrastructure and improve productivity in the workplace. We bring you green and high performance remodeling solutions.

Commercial Remodeling for Utility Cost Savings

Commercial remodeling for energy and water efficiency offers green jobs and local green business opportunities with weatherization, power generation, green plumbing and other cost saving solutions.

Concrete in Remodeling

Hardscape and hard surfaces can be reduced or improved in remodeling to reduce emissions, off gasing, heat island effects, energy use in the concrete manufacturing process, and less stormwater runoff from hard surfaces. Greener solutions are available.

*Continuing Education for Building

Continuing education for remodeling and green building benefits from building codes, renewable energy, energy effciency, natural systems, compliance regulations, and knowledge of green, high performance materials, appliances, equipment and whole building optimization methods.


Daylighting home, office and workspaces with natural light saves energy costs, provides more productive workspace and enhances eyesight. New solar light tubes and light shelves are innovative ways to remodel with natural light solutions.

Detection of Safety Hazards

Detection of safety hazards in homes, workplaces and childrens' space are a necessary part of remodeling. Asbestos, lead, VOCs, toxins, and moisture that supports mold and mildew are a few hazards that need to be audited and solved in a remodeling project.

DfE - Design for the Environment

Design for the Environment provides technical support for manufacturers and designers to make products green and sustainable. We bring you DfE solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Remodeling after disasters require specialized disaster recovery techniques to remove mud, mold, odors and even vermin from buildings that suffered fire, flood or earthquake damage. Rebuilding with greener, more energy efficient retrofits can help families live in healthier spaces.

DOE - Energy

The US Department of Energy provides research, information and incentive programs for energy conservation, the energy market, and renewable energy.

Energy Remodeling

Energy is the focus of national security, home energy efficiency, business ROI, and even at the core of health, global trade and vehicle choice. We have tough energy choices to make at home, at work and in our communities. We will bring you solutions for more sustainable energy management at home and in the workplace.

Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

Remodeling for Energy Efficiency saves money, improves indoor air quality and reduces air pollution at utility generating plants. We provide info on energy efficiency remodeling solutions for homes and commercial buildings.

Energy Efficiency Remodeling

Energy efficiency remodeling invests in long term energy savings, indoor air quality, comfortable space, and less stress on community utility peaks and environment. Energy efficient solutions are highly cost effective.

Energy Generation & Smart Grid

Distributed Energy Generation & the Smart Grid are reengineering our power system. Renewable energy and local energy generation will radically change the way your home, office and car are built and used. Learn more about practical solutions.

Energy Star for Energy Efficiency

Energy Star by EPA and DOE provides energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy information, programs, business methods and tax incentives.

Entertainment and Media Room Remodeling

Green Entertainment and Media Room Remodeling reduces energy use, improves indoor air quality, reduces glare and improves home value with effective solutions. Learn which solutions matter most to quality of life.


The US Environmental Protection Agency is our buffer between environmental abuses and local communities. Regulations, education, professional and technical assistance can help citizens, businesses and communities create more sustainable natural systems.

EPA Programs for Remodeling

The US and state EPAs (environmental protection agencies) work to regulate dangerous chemicals that pollute air, water and food. The EPA provides information to business and consumers about best practices that can reduce problems and provide sustainable environmental resources.

EPA programs

Environmental Protection Agencies provide regulations and programs at the local, state and federal levels. We provide you with solutions available through these environmental protection methods.

EPA WaterSense

THe EPA WaterSense program provides information and tools to improve water quality and water conservation in businesses, communities and homes.


Pollution requires filters to reclaim healthy levels of air, water, food, drinks, and soil. Solutions for filtering pollutants are available for home, office, industrial and even outdoor, natural systems. Learn how to use filters effectively.

Floors for Remodeling

Floors need tough solutions including no-VOC finishes, structural strength, insulation, moisture control, and certified renewable materials that stay out of landfills. Design greener floors for greener building solutions.

Floor Coverings

Green flooring solutions include sustainable and renewable materials, no-VOC materials, recycled content, waste reduction in landfills and reclaiming used materials such as wood flooring. Creativity abounds and we bring you practical, greener flooring solution.

FM Global

FM Global's research and engineering Resource Catalog includes educational tools and job aids help manage property-related hazards, prevent facility damage and minimize business interruption.

FSC Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council measures and monitors sustainable forestry practices with a chain of custody verification from the forest through manufacturing to the consumer's hand.

Funding Sources

Remodeling funding sources can support green tech innovation from states and federal agencies -- or support commercialization and incentives for consumers and commercial organizations working to reduce carbon, energy use and pollution.

Garage & Workroom Remodeling

Garage & Workroom Remodeling can reduce energy costs, improve overall indoor air quality, productivity, and improve property value with solutions like LED lights, natural light, high efficiency HVAC utility closets, and upfits for plug-in vehicles.

Geothermal Energy for Heating and Cooling

Geothermal systems for capturing energy for HVAC systems can tap temperature differences in earth's subsurface as well as water pipes. Geothermal systems for retrofitting buildings provide geothermal heating and cooling solutions and we will bring you info on geothermal solutions.

Gray Water

Gray water systems reuse non-waste water from kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, laundry washers and other semi-clean water. Gray water is often used for landscape irrigation, and on the community level, recycled water is used by industry and landscaping.

GreenSpec Listed Products

GreenSpec-Listed Green Building Products. The online GreenSpec® Directory lists product descriptions for over 2000 environmentally preferable products.

Green Building & Remodeling

Green Building & Remodeling of houses, commercial office buildings and industrial buildings can save energy, reduce climate change and save operational costs. Green solutions can reduce operational impact to "net zero".

Green Careers and Green Jobs

Green Careers and Green Jobs focus on environmental and health benefits from healthy air, water, food, etc. Green careers are increasingly technical to meet compliance guidelines and require knowledge of conventional careers PLUS environmental science. Check for certifications.

Green Collar Jobs

Green collar jobs are similar to blue collar jobs, but with new knowledge and skills about energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, air quality, etc. that creates a greener, cleaner home and workspace.

Green for Homes

Indoor air quality and energy efficiency are the cornerstones of green homes with reduced pollution, reduced energy use, low water consumption and healthier materials to improve quality of life and lower impact on community resources.

Green Jobs & Green Job Training

Green Jobs & Green Job Training make renewable energy, green building, green healthcare and greener productivity in ALL jobs. We connect you with certifications, information and providers of services to prepare you for the environmentally regulated and market demanded productivity.

Green Job Traning

Green job training includes design and engineering, marketing and communications, as well as installation of weatherization, energy efficiency and green technologies in all categories of careers.

Green Retrofit Program (GRP) by HUD

Green Retrofit Program (GRP) by HUD bring weatherization and remodeling solutions to reduce energy use and improve quality of life.

Green Roofs - Roof Gardens

Green roofs, living roofs and roof gardens can reduce stormwater runoff, provide additional insulation, and reduce building emissions and urban heat. This ancient roofing solution is being modernized to combat urban heat islands and water conservation problems.

Green Schools

Children's health and learning productivity are greatly affected by the indoor air quality in schools. Green schools not only reduce toxic materials and cleaning materials, but uses clean energy for HVAC.

Hardscape Remodeling

Hardscape remodeling can use recycled materials and provide permeable paving to reduce stormwater runoff. Sustaianble hardscape solutions reduce heat islands, improve water absorption and reduce energy use.

Remodeling Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Remodeling Heating and Air Conditioning Systems can save money, emissions and improve indoor air quality. Upgrading your HVAC system with insulation, high-efficiency equipment and regular cleaning saves big bucks!

HET High Efficiency Toilet

HET High Efficiency Toilets are rated by EPA so that retailers and distributors can market WaterSense labeled toilets.

High Efficiency

High efficiency design, products, buildings and energy sources all focus on effectiveness, then efficiency. Doing the RIGHT thing is the first step in doing the efficient thing. We help you sort through highly effective solutions.

Landscape & Garden Remodeling Products

Landscape & Garden Remodeling products can improve water drainage and conservation, and reduce energy use in your home and landscaping with sustainable landscaping solutions.

Home Improvement Solutions

Home improvement solutions balance construction costs with long term savings in energy, health and wellbeing, water conservation and quality of life such as noise levels, views out the window, temperature control and pollution reduction.

Home Improvement Loans

Home improvement loans, tax incentives, product rebates and subsidies benefit families, communities, the national economy and the planet by reducing energy use, water use and other precious natural resources.

Home Refinancing

Energy efficiency home refinancing programs are available to improve energy and water savings and utility company peak demand. Weatherization and energy efficiency solutions can be included in HUD and other home finance packages.

Home Remodeling

Single home and multifamily home remodeling solutions include weatherization, energy efficiency, plumbing, roofing, landscaping and indoor air quality solutions. Learn about green home solutions.


US HUD housing programs provide information and loans for weatherization, energy efficiency, lead removal and other quality of life remodeling for more sustainable communities.

HUD programs

HUD provides federal programs and research to improve housing and community livability, especially for the vulnerable among our communities.

HVAC- Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

HVAC- Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration eat energy! Solutions for energy efficiency include natural air ventilation, insulation, high efficiency equipment and engineered systems. Learn more here.

Incentives & Rebates

Incentives and rebates for energy efficiency, water conservation and green building are the infrastructure of establishing the green economy - building momentum and solutions.


Sustainable landscaping irrigation techniques include drip irrigation, drought tolerant plant selection, massing plant families together, permeable paving, and other water conservation techniques.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen cabinets, appliances and traffic create heavy usage and your remodeling budget makes a big quality of life difference in the kitchen with energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality and ergonomics. Learn about greener solutions.

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Development

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)


Lighting uses a large percentage of electricity consumption and lighting system retrofits as well as new high efficiency lighting systems and technologies such as LED Lights can conserve electricity.

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofits can reduce glare and energy costs with energy efficient lighting fixtures and high efficiency light bulbs such as LED, CFL and HID lights. Identify light solutions for homes, offices and outdoors to save energy and our night skies.

LIHEAP Low Income Home Energy Asst

LIHEAP Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program by HUD provides finance and program support for energy efficiency and health and wellness solutions.

Living Plant Systems

Living plant systems in landscaping, living roofs and indoor plantings contribute water conservation, air filtration and beauty to our home and workplace environments.

Living Room Remodel

Living rooms are changing into community rooms filled with electronics that hog electricity and surfaces that affect indoor air quality. Green remodeling can dramatically improve quality of life in living rooms by reducing VOCs, improving air ventilation, reducing energy use and creating lasting property value.

Remodeling for Moisture Solutions

Remodeling for moisture solutions starts with roofing, water leaks and weatherization around windows and doors. Moisture damages building materials and fosters mold and mildew. Preventing moisture improves indoor air quality, reduces water costs and improves property value.

Multifamily Remodeling

Multifamily housing is cost efficient as well as natural resource efficient, especially when built in conjunction with smart communities that use public transit and communal facilities.


Net Zero Energy means that a building uses no more energy than it can produce. Energy efficiency strategies with renewable energy generation combine to make a Net Zero Energy building feasible, and a great cost savings on utilities!

Office Remodeling

Energy and water efficient office buildings save on the 24/7 operation costs of urban buildings that use energy systems for HVAC, security, and productivity.

Outdoor Furnishings

Outdoor furnishings and hardscapes can be part of energy efficiency and water conservation strategies by using recycled content, renewable materials, and low impact lighting that uses solar energy and passive solar design.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting upfits can use solar pv panels and LED lights to go off-grid and use zero energy. Outdoor lighting for sustainable communities also points lights DOWN to maintain habitat for wildlife and reduce night sky lighting.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces provide solutions for passive solar, seasonal natural light, urban heat island relief, gardening, hobbies and community building. Think systems! Outdoor living space solutions bring high savings and quality of life benefits.

Passive solar for light, heat and quality of life

Passive solar design provides light, heat and quality of life by using seasonal sunlight strategies in windows, thermal storage and proper siting of buildings. Remodel for better natural light and beauty - we'll bring you resources for solar remodeling.


Indoor and landscaping plants provide air filtration, water conservation, air quality, humidity control and shade that reduces heat. Plants are a natural system that saves money with natural energy and resource conservation.

Plastics and Composites in Remodeling Materials

Plastics and Composites in Remodeling Materials can provide solutions with less VOC off gasing, less impact on water supplies, and better indoor air quality. Look for greener alternatives among your finishing, appliance and furniture choices.

Recycled Content

Recycled content in building materials can significantly reduce landfill waste in our communities. And that can reduce air quality problems, loss of virgin forests and mining resources, and create more sustainable communities.


Making recycling easy in homes, offices and the community will help recycle materials and reduce landfill problems and waste of virgin resources. But we also need to BUY recycled content products to support the recycling marketplace.

Recycled Materials

Recycled materials use used materials to create new products. Take back programs help recycle materials and reduce impact on virgin raw materials, reduce manufacturing costs and support more sustainable communities. Buy recycled! Support the recycled product marketplace.

Remodeling Floors

Floors take a beating! Remodeling floors can reduce landfill waste, improve indoor air quality, reduce energy use and improve property value at the same time they can provide better quality of life in both homes and workspaces.

Remodeling for Children

Children are not mini-adults when it comes to environmental health. They breathe more, sweat more, and eat and drink more by body weight -- so air quality, water quality and food quality are more critical. We bring you information about children's health factors in the built environment at home, school and community spaces.

Remodeling Landscaping Assets

Remodeling landscaping assets can reduce costs and improve market value of homes and commercial buildings with energy efficiency and stormwater runoff management.

Remodeling Roofing Systems

Remodeling roofs can be a great time to think ahead for savings with insulation, living roofs, solar PV and solar thermal, as well as more sustainable roofing materials such as metal or tile.

Green Retrofits

Green retrofit remodeling can improve energy efficiency, water efficiency and make buildings solar-ready to balance renewable energy and resource efficiency.

Risk Management in Remodeling

Risk management in remodeling is a financial and environmental balance. Engineering adequate energy & resource efficiency saves long term costs, but over-engineering can cost extra. Optimized solutions require multidisciplinary input and solutions.

Rock, Soil, Sand

Rock, Soil, Sand and "common materials" that have high sustainable value in habitats that grow vegetation, carry water streams, and provide the structure of our earth. By using these building materials wisely, we can work with natural systems for more sustainable communities.

Roof Repair & Replacement

Roof remodeling solutions include cool and white roofs, living and green roofs, insulation, solar-ready rool infrastructure, fire-resistant roof coverings, and passive solar solutions. We survey roof solutions for energy efficiency and value.

Roofing Materials

Roofing materials include asphalt, tile, metal, soil, and even green living plants. New roofing solutions are making roofs working systems for renewable energy generation, water conservation and heat abatement in urban heat islands.

Room Remodeling

Room remodeling can save energy, improve indoor air quality and create healthy quality of life. Start with no-VOC materials, energy efficient appliances, passive solar lighting, and productive lifestyle choices. We bring you solutions for greener room remodeling.

Salvaging materials

Salvaging building materials from D&C waste streams can reduce landfill costs and air quality pollution for more sustainable communities. Salvaged, reuse and reclaimed building materials also offer design advantages.

SCS Scientific Certification Systems

Scientific Certification Systems certification logo appears on thousands of individual products and helps businesses, government agencies and consumers to make informed choices

Smart Systems

Smart homes and building information management systems (BIM) monitor need and govern usage of utilities such as electricity, water and air quality. The Smart Grid will tie home automation to distributed energy systems for efficiencies and control.

Solar / Thermal, PV

Sunlight provides energy and light used in Solar Thermal, Solar PV and Passive Solar resources. We bring you information about remodeling solutions that use solar power efficiently and effectively.

Remodeling Building Systems

Remodeling Building Systems include building materials, equipment systems, information, automation systems, and natural systems like light and air ventilation. Learn about practical remodeling systems here.

Tax Credits for Remodeling

Tax credits, tax deductions and solution incentives and rebates help reduce climate change impact from emissions, waste and natural resource mismanagement.


Tile is a versatile modular building material for indoor and outdoor use. It can incorporate recycled content and provide a permeable or semi-permeable paving solution or water conservation and heat reflection.

Tools for Remodeling

Tools for remodeling start with auditing monitors such as energy and thermal sensors, smart water meters, radon detectors and computerized design software to optimize energy, water, light and other building solutions. Learn more about the tools of the remodeling trade.

US Federal Env. Preferable Purchasing

US Federal Environmentally Preferable Purchasing is mandated policy for all agencies to purchase and use nontoxic, energy efficient, water conserving products and services whenever possible.

Utility Room Remodeling

Utility room remodeling solutions include HVAC, water heater, moisture control, insulation and upfitting for solar thermal and solar PV energy systems. Learn practical solutions before you remodel.

Remodeling for Waste Management

Remodeling homes and commercial buildings for waste management includes solid waste systems, water runoff, energy efficiency, soil conservation and sustainable use of all precious resources.

Water Filtration

Water filtration by public water programs struggle to keep up with chemicals in the water supply, and home and office filtration system solutions can supplement water quality with filters and plumbing for effective water quality and conservation.

Remodeling for Water Savings

Water conservation and water quality provide important remodeling goals for quality of life and cost opportunities. We bring you water remodeling techniques and solutions for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as irrigation and graywater systems.

Water Systems for Remodeling

Water systems include plumbing, hot water heaters, gray water systems, landscape irrigation, stormwater runoff and cleaning systems. Efficient, effective conservation of water saves money and our natural resources, we highlight solutions.


Weatherization and energy efficiency for residential homes starts with insulation and plugging leaks that allow indoor conditioned air to leak into the outdoors. Energy efficiency can save up to 30% on utility bills.

Weatherization Remodeling & Repair

Save energy and improve indoor air quality with Weatherization Remodeling & Repair that caulks holes and cracks, insulates, and improves window and attic air ventilation control. Weatherization solutions reduce energy costs dramatically.

Weatherization Programs

Weatherization programs for residential and commercial buildings include solutions such as insulation, plugging holes, optimizing siting, solar heat management, and water conservation.

Wood for Remodeling

Wood is a prized traditional building material and faces sustainability issues as forests are destroyed to harvest wood products for furniture, housing and paper. Wood solution include composites, veneers, and FSC certified wood product management.

Security Lighting Using Solar Energy

Security lighting can use off-the-grid solar energy to power motion-triggered lighting in difficult areas.

Solar Events for Passive Solar, Solar PV and Solar Thermal

Solar Events for Passive Solar, Solar PV and Solar Thermal to provide choice in solar solutions.

Community Solar for Local Solar Generation

Green Job Training

Green Job Training is available in solar industries including solar PV, thermal solar, industrial-scale solar, solar sales and marketing, as well as outreach, incentives and rebate marketing of solar products.

Commercial Solar Energy

Commercial Solar Energy solutions reduce peak energy loads to bring down utility bills, reduce climate change impact, and provide higher productivity for workers.

Home Solar Energy Solutions

Home and residential solar energy solutions reduce utility bills when a whole energy system includes behaviors, natural lighting, solar thermal and solar PV. Common sense helps save more money and improve indoor air quality.

Silicon Recycling

Smart Grid for Energy Savings

The Smart Grid will stretch from energy generation at utilities (or your roof) to your home control center on your computer or thermostat to give you better control over energy efficiency.

Net Metering for Energy Efficiency

Net metering is a utility policy of payment for consumer-produced energy from renewable energy generation installations, such as wind, solar power or home fuel cells.

Solar EV - Transportation

Solar EV is transportation that uses solar power and batteries to fuel vehicles and vehicular accessories.

Trends in Solar Energy

Trends in Solar Energy cover technology, behaviors, financing strategies, ROI and career opportunities.

US 2009 Infrastructure Funding

US 2009 Infrastructure Funding for renewable energy companies, ARRA funding for cities and states, and renewable energy training and education will strengthen the renewable energy infrastructure.

Solar Lighting

Solar energy for indoor lighting has many options beyond solar PV -- many include passive sunlight solutions.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) help utility companies buy renewable energy from distribute energy generators such as solar energy on hones or commercial buildings.

Solar Services Agreement (SSA)

Regulation of Solar Services Agreements (SSAs) has emerged as an important issue in supporting solar growth.

Public Utilities Cope with Solar Energy Generation

Public Utilities Cope with Solar Energy Generation with CPV, solar PV, peak loads and solar thermal applications in residential and commercial markets.

Transportation Electrification in Cars, Trucks, Trains and Buses

Electric and fuel cell transportation electrification is growing in cars, trucks, trains and buses for fuel efficiency.

Community Solar for Local Solar Generation

Community solar installations optimize local solar generation efficiencies and cost efficiencies.

Solar Services Agreements for Energy Cost Savings

Solar Services Agreements help building owners install solar for little upfront cost to receive long term energy cost savings.

Trends in Solar Energy

Trends in solar energy started with natural light and passive solar design - and has progressed through solar thermal and solar photovoltaic.

Compliance and Regulations for Solar Energy

Compliance and Regulations for Solar Energy span RECs, building codes, climate change regulation, peak demand, and other community solar issues.

Renewable Energy from Solar Solutions

Renewable Energy from solar includes commercial photovoltaics, solar PV, and energy efficiency with solar thermal, natural light and passive solar building design.

Solar Energy Industry for Energy Efficiency

Solar Energy Industry for Residential & Commercial Renewable Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Solutions.

Nighttime Heat Storage with Solar

Nighttime heat storage technology for solar energy takes innovative forms from fuel cells to batteries to ice!

Affordable Housing Use of Solar Energy Options

Affordable housing can use solar energy options to make housing more affordable and improve indoor air quality.

Green Building Benefits with Solar

Green Building Benefits with Solar start with natural light and passive solar design and then add thermal solar for hot water and energy generation with solar PV.

Residential Solar Applications

Residential solar applications for indoors and outdoors can help home owners save money, provide security and better quality of life. Solar applications range from natural sunlight to solar heated water to solar energy generation.

Bank Financing for Solar Energy Projects

Bank Financing for Solar Energy Projects starts with FHA guarantees ... that's just the new reality.

Utility Company Solar Financing Programs

Utility Company Solar Financing Programs include extended on-bill payment for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Ask your utility company about their financing options.

Financing for Solar Installations

Financing for Solar Installations can include incentives and rebates, utility company payments, property tax funding, bank loans, solar service agreements and self-funding out of energy efficiency savings.

Solar Incentives

Solar incentives include tax deductions, utility rebates, solar installation deductions, technology investments, and energy efficiency incentives. Add them together for affordable solar!

Passive Solar Solutions

Passive solar is a treasure of DIY options and low cost solar altnertives from light wells and shelves to shade trees and umbrellas to siting the building for optimal seasonal light and heat.

Thermal Solar for Hot Water and Radiant Heat

Thermal solar for hot water and radiant heat harvests the heat from sunshine to directly use solar heat in residential and commercial applications.

Thin-Film Solar PV Energy Generation

Thin-Film Solar PV energy generation applications are increasing efficiency of sunlight energy conversion for distributed energy generation.

PV Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Photovoltaic Solar Energy (PV) converts sunlight into electricity using solar cells and sunlight.

Solar Technologies from Passive to Fuel Cells

Solar Technologies from passive design to heating water to converting sunlight into energy provide a rainbow of hope for a cleaner energy future.

Solar Energy Solutions for Energy Efficiency

Welcome...please explore our consumer and trade information that supports effective solar solutions for American homes, businesses and our communities' wellbeing. Solutions For Solar Energy provides information on sustainable value in selecting, buying, and caring for solar energy solutions -- from natural lighting to passive solar to solar thermal to photovoltaic energy generation ... and always: energy efficiency.

Solar Solutions

Solar solutions are as diverse as sunlight, shadow and temperature multiplied by all the ecosystems that support life! From passive solar design to heating water, shading, growing crops and sterilizing instruments, sunlight is a miraculous, diverse resource for "solutions".

Energy Solutions

Energy solutions from solar include passive solar, direct solar heat transfer, photovoltaics, heated liquids and solids, and sterilization using solar properties.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy solutions start with energy reduction, efficiency and then progress to generation of energy from renewable resources such as sunlight, wind, geothermal heat and even human energy! Burning is bad! Reuse is good.

Do It Yourself Solar | DIY

Do It Yourself Solar (DIY) is more diverse than most people realize. From passive solar design techniques to solar thermal, to solar clothes drying... DIY solar can directly harvest the energy resources of the sun. Before PV!

Solar Pool Systems

Thermal solar and PV swimming pool systems can power pool filters, underwater pool lighting and area lighting for evening enjoyment of swimming and entertainment.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems can save electric utility costs by heating water for bathing, kitchens, pools or space heating with a radiator or radiant floor heating.

Solar Heaters

Solar Energy Associations for Renewable Energy Infrastructure Development

Solar Energy Associations for Renewable Energy Infrastructure Development foster information, business practices, outreach and public policy.

Solar Collectors for Energy and Heat

Solar Collectors for Energy and Heat can be simple solar ovens to complex utility scale concentrating solar power generating plants

Solutions For Offices from Supplies to Equipment to Furnishings & Energy!

Office space is our "second home", and the key metrics of green offices provide workspace quality with indoor air quality, energy efficiency, green office furniture, eco friendly products and productivity. We focus on high performance, sustainable and green office solutions.

Green Office

Business offices consume high levels of energy, electronics and office products. Green, high performance products and methods can save businesses money and improve productivity.

Green Technology

Computer are the new "lead pencil" for business productivity. And mobile computers are the new office! We bring you practical resources to enhance the use of computers for sustainable business practices.

Green Job Training

Behavior provides the greatest green and sustainable savings and effectiveness. Awareness leads to knowledge, which leads to new skills ... and new job skills.

Green Buildings

Green workspace includes your productivity environment -- indoor air quality, energy, temperature, views for eye and mind respite, and even human elements such as companionship and inspiration. We bring you greener options.

Home Offices

Designing your home office can enhance your productivity as well as your mood, motivation and enjoyment of your work. We bring you greener, high performance solutions.

Green Solutions

Inside champions develop strategies in the sustainable communities through leadership. And leadership requires knowledge, skills and connections.

Sustainable Business

Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges with office operations such as low budgets, high turnover and high traffic through the office. Sustainable metrics can help.

Office Design & Furnishings

Office design starts with the infrastructure, and becomes more productive with the furnishings selected. High performance offices require high performance design, tools and procedures. We bring you options and solutions.

Office Equipment

Office equipment has gone high tech and high performance. New computers and mobile devices make offices more portable than ever. We help you identify high performance, green and sustainable solutions for your workplace.

Office Furniture

Office furniture can provide productivity and greener workspace that improves your workday. We provide you with resources to design and find green, sustainable and high performance office furniture solutions.

Office Supplies

Office supplies range from paper to software to binders and repair kits for desks and chairs. Office supply stores are a favorite hangout for some entrepreneurs but we bring you productivity solutions that make a difference in your day.

Printers and Ink Cartridges

Printers and ink cartridges are being minimized with new computer and mobile device options. We bring you resources for greener paperless publishing and sharing of your business communications.

Office Recycling

Recycling is the easiest way to start greening your office. We bring you resources to help you recycle office supplies, equipment and even information for high performance sustainable office practices.

Green Architecture





Non Profit Organizations

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is balanced urban planning that provides energy savings, water conservation, air quality and healthy walkable community design for people in their multi-species habitat.


Construction leverage for today's economic market is a niche strategy -- focused on government financing availability, strategic green building initiatives and coping with an aging population. We provide information leverage to help contractors find more sustainable solutions.


Compliance with health, environmental, construction, urban planning, energy, air quality and development laws and regulations can be a cost or an opportunity. Innovation provides leverage.


Certification programs provide training, best practices, and consumer guidance for quality construction. Green Job Wizard provides a directory of certification programs (

Green schools


Carbon Offset



Harmonic suppression

Energy use systems

Urban development

Urban development is the planning and peacemaking in dense population, growth and shrinkage, supply of natural resources, infrastructure and human infrastructure of social structures, supply chains, and business, public and governmental sectors. It's a challenge!

Interior spaces

Interior design


Energy Efficiency Homes

Energy efficient homes are well insulated to minimize loss of heat and cool air, provide high indoor air quality, and reduce utility costs. Many energy efficient strategies improve energy use and reduction of waste. We provide helpful articles to make homes more energy efficient.

Green Healthcare

Green healthcare educates and upfits clinics, hospitals and home health care facilities with energy efficiency, non-toxic chemistry, home indoor air quality and environmental sustainability ... for better home and community public health.

Retail Development

Retail development is highly desirable for local economies, but it has a price in energy consumption and an unbalanced consumer economy. Energy efficiency, water conservation and waste management can improve retail development -- we help retail developers and leasees spot trends and opportunities for sustainable savings.


Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping reduces water use, reduces heat islands, retrofits chemical lawn care with organic or non-toxic green chemistry, and supports native and low water plant species selection. We help landscapers and building owners and residents identify solutions for environmental and budget savings.

Green Building Products

Water and Plumbing

C&D Construction & Demolition

C&D Construction & Demolition management that reduces and recycles building materials can save tipping fees, reduce landfill overuse, and return materials to effective reuse and recycling in building and related applications.

Waste management


Remodeling of homes and commercial space can benefit short and long term with sustainable techniques such as passive solar, water conservation, energy conservation and space optimization. We provide solutions leverage.

Revitalization & Reuse

Revitalization & reuse of buildings and open space can bring a community to life with walkable city planning, urban agriculture and sustainable building remodeling. We provide solutions leverage.



Window film


Green Building Training

UL Environment

UL Environment is UL certification for environmental products backed by the UL brand.


LEED by USGBC refers to LEED professional certification by USGBC and LEED building certification.





Financing for remodeling and construction is a patchwork of loans, guarantees, incentives, rebates, compliance issues and consumer demand. That requires leverage ... and green building can cut through many of these construction hurdles.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is important and waste reducing for ALL homes - and the use of sustainable design and materials can reduce utility and health costs long term. We provide leverage with options for sustainable solutions.

Building EQ by ASHRAE

Building EQ by ASHRAE is a building energy labeling program serving the general public, building owners and tenants, potential owners and tenants, and building operations by moving the nation’s building stock toward net-zero-energy use.

Net-Zero Energy

Net-Zero Energy use strategy makes building both save and produce energy for a net-zero impact on energy infrastructure. Strategies provide leverage for building value and occupant cost over the life of the building. Net-Zero provides leverage!

Structural Insulated Panels


CHPS - California Schools

CHPS - Collaborative for High Performance Schools. CHPS is leading a national movement to improve student performance and the entire educational experience by building the best possible schools.

Low emitting products

Certified materials

Indoor Air Quality - IAQ

Indoor Air Quality - IAQ is a challenge for construction and residents. Causes of indoor pollution include appliances, petroleum energy sources, ventilation, and insulation problems. Green building provides solutions and leverage for health and well-being.


Wood materials

Certified Recycled Content

Certified Recycled Content certifies that environmental claims for recycled content regarding specific products are consistent with the Federal Trade Commission’s Environmental Marketing Guidelines and best practices in the trade.

Sustainable materials

CHPS sustainable materials

High performance, sustainable materials make schools better places to learn. This is accomplished through making healthier, more sustainable and more efficient schools.


Mortgages & Reverse Mortgages

Air Quality

Air quality is affected both outdoors and indoors by vehicle emissions, appliance emissions, ventilation, and use of energy. Sustainable practices provide leverage for health and well being with good air quality.

Award Winning Products

Energy Star Buildings

Energy Star certification programs for energy efficient buildings, appliances and even lighting can save as much as 30% of energy costs.

ASHRAE Standards

ASHRAE develops standards for members and others professionally concerned with refrigeration processes and the design and maintenance of indoor environments.

Water Conservation

Water conservation starts with urban design and can save up to 50% of water use with smart irrigation for landscapes and water conserving green plumbing. Fresh water is our most precious natural resource - life demands it.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency provides the highest "renewable" leverage. A megawatt saved is a megawatt earned! Green building can also be energy efficient building and we provide energy efficient solutions information to save you money during design and construction as well as occupancy.



Green Clean Institute

Green Clean Institute offers green cleaning and maintenance training and green clean certification for janitorial and office cleaning regarding the green homes, green schools, and green offices.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning Best Practices

MEP Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

HVACR- Heat, Ventilation, AirCond, Refrig

Green features

CMP Credentialing Maintenance Program

GBCI's Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) is designed to help LEED Professionals grow their knowledge base, stay current with best practices, and show clients and employers that their expertise is meaningful in a rapidly transforming green building marketplace.

IGCC - Construction

International Green Construction Code (IGCC)is developing a model code focused on new and existing commercial buildings addressing green building design and performance.

Sustainable facilities management


Insurance Coverage

Real Estate Law

Green Real Estate Law


Emissions from energy generation, transport, and use affect air quality (smog), global climate change (greenhouse gas) and health (asthma and COPD). Emissions solutions provide leverage for better quality of life and cost savings.

Health & Safety

Health & safety are prime reasons for green building practices including non-toxic materials, reduced energy use, natural light and ventilation...and more. We provide information that can leverage quality of indoor space costs and use.

Lead pollution

Lead pollution harms children by reducing health for a lifetime. Lead removal is a complicated and necessary remodeling challenge that requires EPA compliant construction techniques. Get qualified for proper lead removal.

Hazardous materials

Risk Management

Functional Obsolescence

Cost to Cure

Energy Efficiency Financing Districts

Commercial Buildings


LEED-EB for green existing buildings is a USGBC LEED program to retrofit and remodel existing commercial and residential buildings for greener operations.

LEED Volume Certification

LEED Volume Certification makes pursuing LEED for several properties at once a streamlined process called volume certification. Certifying a swath of retail stores, a hotel chain or even a portfolio of existing office or industrial buildings under the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.



Systems Design

Water & Wastewater

Fire Safety

Building Automation

Automation and Process Control

Automation & Control


Energy services




CAL Green - California Green Code

Green Leases


DOE Building America

Energy Management

Energy management in green building can reduce construction costs as well as long term utility costs for the residents of a building. Energy management software and commissioning solutions provide energy and cost leverage.

Green Jobs

Energy Systems

Urban Infill | Density

Green Building Solutions for Home, Office and Community

Solutions For Green Building provides information on sustainable value in selecting, buying, and caring for building shells and whole building perspectives.

Green Sustainable Furniture

Sustainable furniture is an investment in your health and comfort. Nontoxic chemicals, ergonomic design, protection of indoor air quality...these are the immediate benefits of sustainable materials and methods used to design and manufacture your home and workplace furnishings.

Furniture Solutions for Home, Office and Community

Welcome...please explore our consumer and trade information that supports effective solutions for American homes, furniture businesses and our communities' wellbeing. Solutions For Furniture provides information on sustainable value in selecting, buying, and caring for furniture.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is definitely "form follows function" with ergonomics and function taking precedence in design. Productivity improves with good office furniture and we help you identify the key metrics for productive office furnishings.

Sustainability Certification

Sustainable furniture reduces off-gasing in your home - which improves health.

Institutional Furniture

Furniture in public and business settings require different quality levels, materials, certifications, etc. to meet heavy usage and accessibility.

Hotel Furniture

Hotel Furniture is designed and manufactured for easy maintenance, consumer appeal, and heavy wear and tear.

Restaurant Furniture

Restaurant Furniture requires extra strength and durability to provide cost effectiveness in public access areas.

Furniture Industry Resources

The furniture industry is diverse and relies on a supply chain of designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and after-market service providers.

Furniture Trade Associations

Furniture Trade Associations provide information, research and systems to help the furniture supply chain manage change and economic conditions.

Furniture Industry Supply Chain

Furniture Industry Supply Chain is a robust industry sector that includes materials suppliers, manufacturers, designers, educators, wholesalers, retailers... and service providers. And let's not forget the buyers!

Furniture Companies

Furniture companies include a wide variety of supply chain members providing materials and services, as well as manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers... and after-market services.

Home Furniture

Home furniture is a major focus of home decorating, home improvement and even remodeling. Services such as movers, cleaning and maintenance, upholsterers, repair services and resellers all support the home furniture marketplace.

Furniture by Material

Materials and methods combine to create quality, appealing furniture. Sustainable furniture materials vary widely from the major material contents, to padding, hardware and finishes.

Furniture by Style

Furniture by Style covers antiques, classic furniture, contemporary styles as well as specific functions such as childrens' furniture, dining furniture and office furniture.

Furniture by Room

Furniture by Room supports the functions of living and quality of life - dining, entertaining, resting and sleeping, working, and even caring for one's cars!

Do It Yourself Furniture

Do It Yourself Furniture is one of the largest hobbies in the US, from collecting antiques and refurbishing classics to designing furniture, building furniture and finishing unfinished pieces of furniture.

Buying Furniture

Buying furniture balances design, colors, style, price, materials, availability, and even shipping! It saves money when know how to buy quality furniture for its purpose.

Furniture Care & Maintenance

Furniture care and maintenance create lasting value, usefulness and beauty. Whether it is weekly cleaning or annual checking for minor needed repairs, care and maintenance will add longer life to your furniture.


Audio Devices

Battery Chargers

Battery Charging System

Battery Charging Systems


Building Operator

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

Central Air Conditioning

CFL Lights

Clothes Washers

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Commercial Dishwashers


Commercial Ice Machines


Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers





Copiers and Fax

Decorative Light Strings



Digital Duplicators



DVD Products

Energy Benchmarking

Energy Calculators

Energy Design

Energy Star Buildings

Energy Star for Businesses

Energy Star for Consumers

Energy Star for Housing

Energy Star for Manufacturers

Energy Star Overviews

Energy Star Partner Programs

Energy Star Products

Energy Star Programs

Energy Star Rating


Exit Signs


Geothermal Heat Pumps


Heat Pumps



Industrial Sector


Institutional Buildings


Insulation, Sealing

Job Training

LED Lighting

LED lights


Light bulbs

Light Commercial

Light fixtures

Mailing Machines

Notebook/Tablet Computers



Portfolio Manager

Power Adapters

Power Adapters

Printers / Scanners

Programmable Thermostats


Refrigerators & Freezers

Residential Light Fixtures


Room Air Cleaners

Room Air Conditioner

Room Air Conditioning

Sealing of Leaks



SSL Solid State Lighting


Vending Machines

Ventilating Fans

Water Coolers


Energy Star Solutions for Home, Office and Community

Solutions For Energy Star provides information on sustainable value in selecting, buying, and caring for solutions that enhance our local and global natural systems.

Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting costs can add significant costs to annual energy budgets - and commercial lighting solutions can reduce costs as well as improve productivity in offices and manufacturing workspaces.

Lighting Fixture Companies

Lighting fixture companies can provide energy efficient lighting technologies and can provide information as well as products to reduce lighting costs.

Industrial Lighting

Bathroom Light

Bathroom light is important for safety, grooming and even health care practices that require quality task lighting. Vanity lighting, night lights, access lighting and safety lighting for tasks such as shaving provide quality of life solutions.

Foyer Lighting

Foyer lighting provides access lighting for safety and security, as well as welcoming to guests and family. Ceiling and sconce lighting solutions provide foyer lighting with architectural lighting appeal.

Building Codes

California PIER

Ceiling Fan - Lighting


Certified Lighting Consultant





Daylighting Devices

Daylighting devices can be as simple as traditional windows and window shades or blinds -- or as high tech as Solar Tubes, high tech skylights, light shelves and reflectors.

Demand Response / CEDR

cost-effective demand response technology helps utilities develop additional demand response (DR) capacity to avoid rolling blackouts during peak usage periods and meet regulatory requirements.

Design Tips

Design Trends

Lighting design trends emphasize energy efficiency in addition to task lighting and minimal light pollution.




Energy Star


Full Spectrum

High Intensity

Holiday lights


Industry Trade Association


Job Training


LED Lighting

LED lights are solid state lighting products that can save as much as 80% of energy used for lighting.


Lighting Systems

Lumen Output


Natural Light

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Passive solar


Professional Certification



Retrofit kits



Shock Prevention


Solar Lights

Solar lighting solutions reduce energy use, and can provide task lighting at lower lumens with the same sense of drama, beauty and security.

Solar Thermal


SSL - Solid State Lighting

SSL - Solid State Lighting includes LED lighting for reduced heat and energy use.


Lighting Technology

Lighting technology is improving with new energy efficiency technologies and regulations for high efficiency light, lower energy usage and reduced light pollution.

Title 24



Workplace design

Lighting Solutions for Home, Office and Community

Welcome...please explore our consumer and trade information that supports effective solutions for American homes, lighting businesses and our communities' wellbeing. Solutions For Lighting provides information on sustainable value in selecting energy efficient, comfortable lighting.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting can provide safety as well as ambiance and effectiveness in cooking, baking and kitchen cleanup.

Wall Light Fixtures

Wall light fixtures provide many interior and exterior lighting solutions for access, safe task lighting, security, architectural lighting, and task lighting.

Track Light

Track light solutions provide flexibility for amibient or task lighting both indoors and outdoors, for residential, commercial or industrial workspaces.

Lighting Pendants

Lighting pendants provide flexible light solutions for interior and exterior lighting applications such as foyers, workspaces, bathrooms, and dining spaces.

Exterior Light Fixtures

Exterior lighting fixtures can be designed to save energy, eliminate night light pollution, use off-grid solar cell power, focus light on tasks, and provide outdoor living spaces.

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Publication Date: 1/1/2010


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